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Volume 9 • Number 6 • August 2016


Nigeria: Agency and Diversity
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Language and Class Resistance in Nigeria: A Foucauldian Perspective
by Mitterand M. Okorie and Oluwaseun Bamidele
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Morphological Processes in Anaku Igbo: Situating Universality
by Ifeoma Obuasi
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Yoruba Ontology: A Critique of the Conceptualization of Life After Death
by Mohammed Akinola Akomolafe
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Religious-Humanistic Basis of Morality in Yoruba Traditional Thought and Drive for Development
by Adewale Oluwole Owoseni
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The Complexity and Ironic Nature of SÚůkÚ in Ife Praise Poetry
by Ejitoyosi Olayemi Salami
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Text to Context: Re-interpreting Suicide in Ola Rotimiís Kurunmi
by Tertsea Ikyoive
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National Consciousness and Multiculturalism in Ododoís Dramaturgy
by Benedict Binebai
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Cybercrime and Nigeriaís External Image: A Critical Assessment
by Sulaiman L. Abdul-Rasheed, Ishowo Lateef, Muhammed A. Yinusa, and Raji Abdullateef
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President Muhammadu Buhariís Democracy Day Message
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Repositioning Nigerian Music and Dance for Cultural Diplomacy: Lessons from Swange Music and Dance in Nigeria
by Awuawuer Tijime Justin
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Finding a Common Religious Soul for Sustainable Democracy in Nigeria
by Adetayo Oludare Alade and Olanshile Muideen Adeyanju
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Prerogative in John Lockeís Two Treatises of Government and the Tyranny of the Obasanjo Presidency in Nigeriaís Nascent Democracy: 1999-2007
by Isaac Iorhen Akuva
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Interrogating Ogungbemiís Anti-God Humanism: Between Absolute Certainty and Absolute Uncertainty
by Babalola Joseph Balogun
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