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works to become a beacon of light in the sphere of African world community studies and research, grounded in a trans-disciplinary open access scholarly peer-reviewed construct, simultaneously cognizant of the multilingualism of our audience, and the importance of universal access in cyberspace; regardless of geography, economic, social or cultural diversity.  

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An on-line book store focused on African world community print and electronic resources designed to advance culture and consciousness. To place your product in the store, contact us at jpanafrican@yahoo.com with NationTimes Books in the subject area. To order any of the following books, e-mail imzsr@yahoo.com or write to Amen-Ra Theological Seminary Press at P.O. Box 24194, Los Angeles, CA 90024-0194.

Africology: A Concise Dictionary
edited by Itibari M. Zulu.

An African centered non-exhaustive lexicon that define words, phrases, concepts and terms on or related to the African world community experience that contribute to the study and research of Africa and its people (forthcoming June 2008).

Authentic Voices: Quotations and Axioms from the African World Community
edited by Itibari M. Zulu.

A progressive thematic perspective representing 31 topics and 280 quotes and axioms from the African world community concisely extracted from scholarly and popular sources, and personal insight. Students, speechwriters, critical thinkers, and others doing interdisciplinary research on the expressiveness of the African experience will find this volume invaluable. Organizationally, the book includes a foreword by Molefi Kete Asante, full citations for each entry, an index, biographical data, a bibliography, illustrations (Adinkra), and a glossary. 170 pp. Illustrations, bibliographical references, index, perfect bound paperback. ISBN 0-9674226-2-0. $14.95. 2002.

Axioms of Kemet: Instructions for Today from Ancient Egypt
edited by Itibari M. Zulu.

A selected introductory literary interpretation of ancient Egyptian literature that place the self-evident truths, ethics and moral questions of yesterday aside the ethics and moral issues of today, organized in 15 thematic sections with 254 entries exploring some of the most important literature in history to survive antiquity. 68pp. Illustrations, bibliographical references, perfect bound paperback. ISBN 0-9674226-5-5. $12.95. 2005.

Echoes & Sound Effects: A Conscious Poetry Anthology
by Itibari M. Zulu.

A progressive poetic approach to current issues concerning the African American experience in politics, love, inter-group dynamics, and other areas of existence (forthcoming).

Exploring the African Centered Paradigm: Discourse and Innovation in African World Community Studies
edited by Itibari M. Zulu.

An exploration into the interdisciplinary dynamics of the African centered paradigm involving: the African origins of library and information science, graduate theological education, ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) ecclesiastical literature, annotated bibliographic analysis of African centered books, and implemented community development initiatives. 200 pp. Illustrations, bibliographical references, index, perfect bound paperback. ISBN 0-9674226-0-4. $14.95. 1999.


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