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Volume 8 • Number 8 • November 2015


On the cover: The flag of the Republic of Zimbabwe, consisting of seven horizontal stripes of green, gold, red and black, with a white triangle containing a red five point star, with the Zimbabwe Bird.

Zimbabwe Dialogue: Unity, Freedom, and Work
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The Republic of Zimbabwe: A Profile
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Blair, Keep Your England and Let Me Keep My Zimbabwe
by Comrade Robert G. Mugabe
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Blair, Keep Your England, and Let Me Keep My Zimbabwe: Examining the Relationship of Physical Space and Political Order in Zimbabwes Land Redistribution Programme (2000-2008)
by Obert Bernard Mlambo and Ezra Chitando
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Elite Ideological Advocacy: Perspectives on Neo-Marxian Theory on Education in Zimbabwe
by Mapindani Aleck
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Teaching Chishona in Zimbabwe: A Curriculum Analysis Approach
by Tafara Mufanechiya and Albert Mufanechiya
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Sexuality in the War Zones During Zimbabwe's War of Liberation: The Case of the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army
conducted by Jephias Andrew Dzimbanhete
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The Education of Traditional Healers in Zimbabwe: A Pedagogy of Conflicting Paradigms
by Chrispen Matsika
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Religious Studies and Indigenous Knowledge in Zimbabwean Secondary Schools: Bubi District Case Study, Matebeleland North
by Dube Bekithemba, Albert Mufanechiya and Tafara Mufanechiya
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Sensing Presences: Health, Illness and Resilience in Contemporary Rural Zimbabwe
by Artwell Nhemachena
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Books of Interest

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Zimbabwe International Film Festival Short Film Project 2015
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The Zimbabwe International Womens Awards
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