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Volume 6 • Number 7 • 2014


On the cover: Dr. Fola Rogers-Saliu, International Consultant (Education & Health) at Fonas-Berny Learning Clinic & Education Services (February 2014: Ejigbo, Nigeria).

In Memoriam: Yemi Tour�
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In Memoriam: Amiri Baraka
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Exploding the Myth of the Black Christian Past: What Can the New Black Church Learn From the Funeral Ceremony of Nelson Mandela?
(editorial) by Salim Faraji
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Domesticating Mathematics in the African Mother Tongue
by Abdul Karim Bangura
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On My Journey Now: The Narrative and Works of Dr. John Henrik Clarke, The Knowledge Revolutionary
by Kwaku Person-Lynn (with a foreword by Wesley Snipes)
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When N�gritude Was in Vogue: Critical Reflections of the First World Festival of Negro Arts and Culture in 1966
by Anthony J. Ratcliff
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Africa South of the Sahara 2008-2011: Hunger as a Factor in Political Instability
by Marcel Kitissou
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Helon Habila: Narrating the Dysfunctional Baggage of a Post-Colony
by Chijioke Uwasomba
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Africology, Black Studies, African American Studies, Africana Studies, or African World Studies? What�s so Important about a Given Name?
by Victor Oguejiofor Okafor
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Introduction of Political Education for the Propagation of Democracy in Africa: The Perspective of African Academics, Part II
by Nana Adu-Pipim Boaduo FRC and Saline Monicah Babitseng Boaduo
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Top Brass Polishing Other People�s Brass: Evaluating Aspects of the Marred Legacy of an African American College President
by Travis D. Boyce
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Politics, Chieftaincy and Custom Law in Ghana�s Fourth Republic
by Isaac Owusu-Mensah
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Documentary Films for Review
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