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Volume 6 • Number 1 • 2013


Africans in México: History, Race and Place

Guest Editor, Alva Moore Stevenson Program Coordinator, UCLA Library Special Collections, Center for Oral History Research, Charles E. Young Research Library University of California, Los Angeles 90095-1575

On the cover:
Photo (copyright 1987, untitled) of a young girl on a hammock in Corrallero, Oaxaca, Mexico
by Tony Gleaton from the series Africa's Legacy in Mexico.

No Friends in the Holy Office: Black and Mulatta Women Healing Communities and Answering to the Inquisition in Seventeenth Century Mexico
by Rhonda M. Gonzales
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La Cofradía de la Limpia Concepción de los pardos in San Joseph del Parral, 1600-1800: Reconstructing the Historical Memory of African-Mexican communities in the North of New Spain
by Juana Moriel-Payne
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Maria de Terranova: A West African Woman and the Quest for Freedom in Colonial Mexico
by Pablo Miguel Sierra Silva
[ view PDF ]


The "Circum-Caribbean" and the Continuity of Cultures: The Donato Colony in Mexico, 1830-1860
by Sidney J. Lemelle
[ view PDF ]


Nationalizing Racism: Government Sponsored Modernization through Formal and Social Education in Oaxaca, Mexico, 1920s
by Savannah N. Carroll
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I Am Not the Mulata de Córdoba': The Cultural Meaning of Blackness in Nineteenth-Century Mexico
by Marisela Jiménez Ramos
[ view PDF ]


Talking About Mestizaje: History, Value, and the Racial Present
by Anthony Jerry
[ view PDF ]


Cimarronaje Cultural: Towards a Counter-Cartography of Blackness and Belonging in Mexico
by Talia Weltman-Cisneros
[ view PDF ]


Negros Afromexicnos: Recognition and the Politics of Identity in Contemporary Mexico
by Candelaria Donaji Mendez Tello and Talia Weltman-Cisneros
[ view PDF ]


Mexican Bozal Spanish in Sor Juana Inés de ka Cruz's Villancicos: A Linguistic and Sociolinguistic Account
by Jorge E. Porres
[ view PDF ]


The Dynamics of the Mother Archetype in the Mexican Cinema Shaped by Women:  Analysis of Pioneer Matilde Landeta's Screenwriting and Film Directing in La Negra Angustias
by Maria DePaoli
[ view PDF ]


The Son Jarocho as Afro-Mexican Resistance Music
by Micaela Díaz-Sánchez and Alexandro D. Hernández
[ view PDF ]


Drawing the Lines:  Racial/Ethnic Landscapes and Sustainable Development in the Costa Chica
by Nicole-Marie Cotton and Anthony R. Jerry
[ view PDF ]


Mexíco Negro: From the Shadows of Nationalist Mestizaje to New Possibilities in Afro-Mexican Identity
by Bobby Vaughn
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Call Them Morenos: Blackness in Mexico and Across the Border as Perceived by Mexican Migrants
by Maria E. De La Torre
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