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Volume 2 • Number 6 • 2008

(Product)Red: (re)Branding Africa?
by Natasha Himmelman and Danai Mupotsa
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An introduction/editorial to this special issue on (Product)Red by two guest editors (a feminist researcher, and a doctorial candidate) based in South Africa.

Refigu(red): Talking Africa and Aids in "Causumer" Culture
by Margaret Sarna-Wojcicki
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A consideration of "causumer" culture from an anthropological perspective examining discourses involved in brand engagement through the topic of the treatment of HIV/AIDS patients in Africa.

Shoppers of the World Unite: (RED)'s Messaging and Morality in the Fight Against African AIDS
by Norma Anderson
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An examination of how (Product)RED constructs a moral/common sense imperative of long-held cultural tropes and schemas about Africa.

(Red) Mythology
by Marinus van Niekerk
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A critical review of some of the representations of Africa disseminated through the marketing material for the (Product) Red campaign.

(RED) Spells H. O. P. E.
by Ayoade Olatunbosun-Alakija
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A statement on how Africa/Africans and (RED) are not mutually exclusive as labels via a concern for human life.

Product Red: The Marketing of African Misery
by Teresa Barnes
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This paper argues that the Product Red campaign rests on a quartet of mistaken assumptions, and that the effort also broadcasts the idea that social change is easy.

Desire and the Enrapture of Capitalist Consumption: Product Red, Africa, and the Crisis of Sustainability
by Percy C. Hintzen
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An examination of the Vanity Fair special edition dedicated to Product Red arguing that it is an exemplar of colonial rationality sedimented in the project of globalization.

Shop and Do Good?
by Katarina Jungar and Elaine Salo
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A comparison of the strategies employed by (Product) Red and the South African HIV-activist group, the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), thus contrasting the commercial campaign with an activist campaign to show the kinds of discourses about AIDS produced and reproduced in both campaigns.

The (Product) Red Man's Burden: Charity, Celebrity, and the Contradictions of Coevalness
by Zine Magubane
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A look at two discursive moments associated with the Product Red campaign via Vanity Fair and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Home Lands - Land Marks
by Sarah-Jane Johnson
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A review of the first notable show of South African art in Britain since 1994, reflecting some of the realities of the rainbow nation.

The Invisible Cure: Why We Are Losing the Fight Against AIDS in Africa
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a book review by Babalwa Sibango

Jonny Steinberg's Three Letter Plague
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a book review by Emma O'Shaughnessy

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