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Volume 1 • Number 9 • 2007

Editorial: Literature, Politics and Music
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The United Nations and Development: An African Priority
by Kofi A. Annan.
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A farewell address by the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia wherein he states that development is never a gift bestowed on any country from outside, and that he will devote himself to the welfare of Africa.

Abdul Rahman Mohamed Babu: Politician, Scholar and Revolutionary
by Amrit Wilson.
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A biographical profile of the political life and ideas of Abdul Rahman Mohamed Babu (1924-1996), one of Africa's foremost thinkers and activist, based on extracts from his writings.

Yabis: A Phenomenon in the Contemporary Nigerian Music
by Michael Olatunji.
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An examination of the role and impact of Yabis music in contemporary Nigeria.

"A Ghetto Education is Basic": (Jamaican) Dancehall Masculinities as Counter-Culture
by Agostinho M.N. Pinnock.
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A conceptual-theoretical overview of how male Dancehall artiste locate race and class struggle in Jamaican society through the female body via shifting social constructs that re-inscribe an alternative vision of society.

Precepts for Tenure Ethics in Yoruba Egungun (Masquerade) Proverbs
by Moses Oke.
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This work advocates for a deeper intellectual interest in African cultural festivals and activities to comprehend and propagate embedded philosophical ideas and cultural principles.

Making a Case for Reparations
by Henry A. Ekiyor..
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Highlighting some of the irreparable damages of trans-Atlantic enslavement and its consequences, this work provides an analysis of select contentions by some opponents of reparations.

Africa and the New World Order: Voices and Ways of Liberation in Armah's Osiris Rising
by Eric Edi.
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This contribution examines the new Pan African and revolutionary vision of Ghanaian author, Ayi Kwei Armah as it appears in Osiris Rising, a novel he published in 1995 which offers an African examination of Africa; proclaims the assertion of Africa, and promotes the idea of African emancipation.

Recurrent Themes in the Poetry of Yorb Female Writers
by Láídé Janet O. Sheba.
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Through the exploration of themes in Yorb poems written by women, this paper examines and discusses the socio-political context of poetry in Yorb society, and Nigeria at large.

Dismantling the History of Slavery and Colonization in the Poetry of Mohamed Al-Fayturi and Langston Hughes
by Saddik Mohamed Gohar.
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A review of how Langston Hughes and Mohamed Al-Fayturi poetically engaged the history of racism and colonization, and thus link it to African literary tradition via its counterpart in the United States.

Edward Brathwaite's The Arrivants and the Trope of Cultural Searching
by Ayo Kehinde.
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This paper examines the issue of identity in the poetry of Edward Kamau Brathwaite, and argues that his poems successfully attempts reconciliation with African culture with Africa as a motif, and an enduring trope.

Beyond the Odds of the Red Hibiscus: A Critical Reading of Chimamanda Adichie's Purple Hibiscus
by Anthony C. Oha.
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This paper examines how Chimamanda Adichie has unraveled the problems of politics, freedom, gender and development within the threshold of governance in Africa.

Global Peace Leadership Summit: Preliminary Abstracts
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A select list of preliminary abstracts for the Global Peace Leadership Summit to be held October 3-7, 2007 in Los Angeles, California.

Multi-Media Received
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Books and films sent or given to JPAS for critique and review.

Ghana at Fifty Symposium: British Columbia, Canada
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An internal special issue edited by Dr. Charles Quist-Adade (Kwantlen University College) focused on a symposium organized by the Ghana Canada Association of British Colombia and Kwantlen University College in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada under the theme Ghana and Canada-50 Years of Friendship featuring presentations by academics, government officials, and concerned citizens.


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