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Volume 9 • Number 8 • October 2016


On the cover: Ancient Egyptian scribes and students.


Pedagogies that Work for Students of African Descent

by Kevin Cokley
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by Jessica James
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Linking the Emancipatory Pedagogy of Africana/Black Studies with Academic Identity Outcomes among Black Students Attending PWIs
by Samuel T. Beasley, Collette Chapman-Hilliard, and Shannon McClain
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Utilizing an African American Studies Course to Garner Critical Consciousness Among Students: Considerations for Improving Campus Climate
by Blaze Campbell
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Do Culturally Empowering Courses Matter? An Exploratory Examination of Cultural Identity and Academic Motivation among Black Collegians
by Collette Chapman-Hilliard, Samuel T. Beasley, Shannon McClain, Kevin O. Cokley, Athanasios Nioplias, and Desire S. Taylor
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Racial Identity Development of African American Students in Relation to Black Studies Courses
by Jakia Marie
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Kufundisha: An Innovative Teaching Approach for Student Engagement and Experiential Learning
by Cedric Hackett
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�Round Pegs into Square Holes�: Teaching Black Studies in an African Centered Way at Predominantly White Institutions
by Aimee Glocke
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Black College-Radio on Predominantly White Campuses: A �Hip-Hop Era� Student-Authored Inclusion Initiative
by Anthony Kwame Harrison
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The Value and Necessity of Mentoring African American College Students at PWI�s
by Allison N. Sinanan
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Walking �The Way of the New World:� An Interview with Nathaniel Norment, Jr., Ph.D.
[part of title in quotes is from The Way of the New World: The Black Novel in America by Addison Gayle, Jr. (Anchor Books, 1976).]
by Aimee Glocke and Jessica James
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