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Volume 7 • Number 9 • April 2015


The only surviving copy of an ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) treatise on trauma surgery consisting of 48 cases dealing with wounds and trauma with a description of each case carefully prescribed in a formula involving: a description of the injury; diagnosis; prognosis; treatment; and further explanations of the case, and thus, the oldest (circa 1600 BCE) known surgical treatise on trauma surgery in the world.

Challenges for Improving the Health of Persons of Color: An Introduction to this Special Issue
by Eric R. Jackson, Jacqueline R. Smith, Colene Y. Daniel
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Psychometric Properties of the Coping Inventory for Task Stressors: Evaluation Among African American and Caucasian, Alzheimer�s Disease Caregivers
by Cassandra Chaney, Scott E. Wilks, Jennifer R. Geiger, P. August Boyd
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Photovoice as a Culturally Competent Research Methodology for African Americans
by Dana Harley, Vanessa Hunn, Willie Elliott, James Canfield
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Microaggression and the Mitigation of Psychological Harm: Four Social Workers� Exposition For Care of Clients, Students, and Faculty Who Suffer �A Thousand Little Cuts�
by Vanessa Hunn, Dana Harley, Willie Elliott, James P. Canfield
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Mental Health Care Services for African Americans: Parity or Disparity?
By Jacqueline R. Smith
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Addressing Healthcare Disparities in Autoimmune Disease: A Focus On Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in the USA
by Halima Moncrieffe and Dwight Tillery
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Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Access to Dental Care, and Delayed Dental Care in Older Adults in Cincinnati, Ohio
by Edward V. Wallace and Monica Adams
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Book Review

Contemporary Public Health: Principles, Practice, and Policy
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