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Volume 7 • Number 6 • October 2014


On the cover: Epa, an Adinkra symbol of law and justice, enslavement and captivity via the Republic of C�te d'Ivoire and the Republic of Ghana.

Critical Criminology
by Ray Von Robertson
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The Impact of Mass Incarceration on Peoples of African Descent: An Interview with Dr. Raymond Winbush
by Ray Von Robertson
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The Consequences of Parental Incarceration for African-American Mothers, Children, and Grandparent Caregivers
by Dorothy Smith-Ruiz and Albert Kopak
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Economic Inequality, Racism and Trauma: Growing up in Racist Combat Zones and Living in Racist Prisons
by Rebecca S. Katz, Hannah Willis, and Justin Jabar Joseph
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Racism, Rodeos, and the Misery Industries of Louisiana
by Lori L. Martin, Kenneth Fasching-Varner, Molly Quinn, and Melinda Jackson
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Preserving Dignity: Rethinking Voting Rights for US Prisoners Lessons from South Africa
by Kamesha Spates and Carlton Mathes
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Outside Insiders: Remember the Time
by Le�Brian Patrick
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Families of Incarcerated African-American Men: The Impact on Mothers and Children
by Angela J. Hattery, and Earl Smith
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