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Volume 6 • Number 8 • 2014


On the cover: 19th-20th century wood headrest from Zimbabwe.

Kwame Ture in Retrospect: Firebrand 1970
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Contesting the Myth of National Compassion: The Leap from the Long Bridge into Trans-Atlantic History in Clotel or the President�s Daughter (1853)
by Lynn R. Johnson
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Rayford W. Logan: The Evolution of a Pan-African Prot�g�, 1921-1927
by David L. Reed
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Beyond the Third Chimurenga?: Theological Reflections on the Land Reform Programme in Zimbabwe, 2000-2010
by Fortune Sibanda and Richard S. Maposa
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Ethical Fitness and the Zimbabwean Media, 1999-2008
by Fainos Mangena
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Shona Religion Holistically Portrayed: Select Solomon Mutswairo Novels
by Godwin Makaudze and Enna Sukutai Gudhlanga
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Shona Belief Systems: Finding Relevancy for a New Generation
by Liveson Tatira
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Promoting and Developing Oromummaa
by Asafa Jalata
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Africa and Social Capital: From Human Trade to Civil War
by Kpoti Kitissou and Bong Joon Yoon
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Reflections on Societal Reading: The Case of Rwanda
by Pierre Canisius Ruterana
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Beyond Loan Words: Bette-Bendi Ethnic Identity Construction in Liwhu Betiang�s Beneath the Rubble
by Romanus Aboh
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The Problem and Impossibility of Vodou Religion in the Writings of Dant�s Bellegarde
by Celucien L. Joseph
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Ollie Stewart: An African American Looking at American Politics, Society and Culture from Europe
by Jinx Coleman Broussard and Newly Paul
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A Communitarian Understanding of the Human Person as a Philosophical Basis for Human Development
by Precious Uwaezuloke Obioha
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Book Reviews

Black Males in the Green Mountains: Colorblindness and Cultural Competence in Vermont Public Schools
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Witnessing Brother Malcolm X: The Master Teacher, A Memoir
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African Heritage Studies Association
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A Barnes & Noble Writers for Writers Award: Haki R. Madhubuti
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