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Volume 6 • Number 5 • 2013


On the Cover: The �FESTAC Mask� from the ancient city of Benin in Nigeria of Queen Idia that was used as a symbol of the 2nd Festival of Arts & Culture hosted by Nigeria in 1977.

Dancing Through Time and Space: African Dance and the G�w�l Tradition of Senegal at Suffolk University
by Robert A. Bellinger
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Contending Issues of Intellectual Property Rights Protection and Indigenous Knowledge of Pharmacology in Africa South of the Sahara
by Chika A. Ezeanya
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Dr. Floyd W. Banks: Reflections in Retirement
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Beyond the Language Debate in Postcolonial Literature: Linguistic Hybridity in Kojo B. Laing’s Woman of the Aeroplanes
by Moussa Issifou
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The Sentence(d) Story-Teller: Forged and Legitimated Constructions in Nkosi’s Mating Birds and Pepetela’s Mayombe
by Muchativugwa Liberty Hove
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Media Reporting of the �Sandy Hook Elementary School Angels�
by Cassandra Chaney and Ray V. Robertson
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Sam Ukala: African Tradition in His Plays
by Idaevbor Bello
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The Proverb: A Preserver of Shona Traditional Religion and Ethical Code
by Dennis Masaka and Tompson Makahamadze
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An Embodied Culture of Optimism and Struggle: The Sungura Music of Tongai Moyo
by Charles Tembo
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Hilarity and the Nigerian Condition
by Adeshina Afolayan
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Only a Unified Africa Can Give Us Our Fullest Power:
A Commentary by, and Interview with Mafa Kwanisai Mafa
by Itibari M. Zulu
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Black Arts Movement Conference: Fifty Years On: The Black Arts Movement and Its Influences, University of California at Merced
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