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Volume 6 • Number 4 • 2013


On the Cover: Katherine Dunham (1909�2006), in the ballet L�Ag�Ya which premiered in 1938, based on a dance from Martinique (photo from the Katherine Dunham Online Collection at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.).

Framing the Black Experience: A Discourse Analysis of President Barack Obama's Speeches
by Serie McDougal, III
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Ubuntu Orality as a Living Philosophy
by Devi Dee Mucina
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Performance Differences and Gender in Kiswahili Creative Writing: A Case Study of Selected Secondary Schools in Nyamira County, Kenya
by Charles N. Moochi, Margaret Barasa, Isaac P.O. Ipara, Ogata B. Rose, and Anakalo Shitandi
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Critical Appreciation: Sofola�s Concept of Dual-Sex in Norbert Mutasa�s Novels
by Tyanai Charamba
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No Agreement Today, No Agreement Tomorrow: Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and Human Rights Activism in Nigeria
by Shina Alimi and Iroju Opeyemi Anthony
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The Umkhathi Theatre Works Company at Dance Africa 2013: A Dance Review
by Doris Green
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Book Reviews: The Black Revolution on Campus
by Maurice Adkins
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by M. Keith Claybrook
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Preserving Katherine Dunham�s Legacy: A New Call to Action
by Aimee Glocke
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