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Volume 5 • Number 7 • 2012


On the Cover: Grammy Award-winning jazz saxophonist Pharoah Sanders (photo by Antonio Pulido).

Leadership in Africology: Setting the Record Straight
Introduction to Special Edition
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Africana Studies: Post Black Studies Vagrancy in Academe
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The Cases of Dr. Jahi Issa
(Commentary) by Jeffrey B. Perry
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Africana Studies Department History: San Francisco State University
by Oba T'Shaka
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A history of the development of the Black Studies Department at San Francisco State University juxtaposing the Civil Rights movement, the Black Power movement, the Pan African movement and the thrust to implement an African centered curriculum in public education at all levels of education in the U.S.


The Emerging Black Studies Africanist: A Case Study of MSU's Triple Heritage African American and African Studies PhD Program
by Rita Kiki Edozie
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This essay presents a reflective discussion about the role of Africa in Black Studies at Michigan State University that uses their PhD program in African American and African Studies as a case study to analyze the program.


Askia Muhammad Touré: Early Pioneer in Black Studies
by Itibari M. Zulu
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An interview with Askia Muhammad Touré wherein he discusses his role in the first Department of Black Studies (San Francisco State University) and the overall discipline of Black Studies.


Discipline Born of Struggle: African American and African Studies at Ohio State University
by Itibari M. Zulu
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An interview with H. Ike Okafor-Newsum (H.E. Newsum), chair of the Department of African American and African Studies at The Ohio State University.


The Meta-Narrative Origins of African and African American Studies at Arizona State University
by Itibari M. Zulu
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An interview with the Rev. Sakena Young-Scaggs and the Rev. Jonathon Scaggs concerning the early 1990s political/social origins of African and African American Studies at Arizona State University.


Dialogue in Pan African Studies: Interviewing Emeritus Professor David Covin
by Itibari M. Zulu
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An interview with California State University at Sacramento Emeritus Professor David Covin, a former co-chair of the Boulder, Colorado chapter of CORE, Civil Rights era voter registration worker, the founder of the Black Student Union at Washington State University (WSU), and one of the founders of their Black Studies program.


No Woman, No Cry: A Woman at the Helm of Black Studies at Ohio University
by Francine Childs, Winsome Chunnu Brayda, and Travis D. Boyce
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An interview of Francine Childs, the first Black full professor at Ohio University (OU), and the first and only woman to chair their Department of African American Studies focused on her challenges relevant to gender and racial equality during the early stage of the Black Studies movement.


Reflections of a Woman Working Quietly and Loudly for the Race: A Conversation with Dr. Shirley Nash Weber
by Anta Anthony Merritt
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An interview of Shirley Weber, chair and professor emeritus of the Africana Studies department at San Diego State University (SDSU), a former President of the San Diego Unified School Board, and community activist.


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