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Volume 4 • Number 6 • 2011

On The Cover:
The Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble performing Katherine Dunham's Rites de Passage
courtesy of the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Archives.
[Photo by Zach Spadt]

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In Memory of Queen Nzinga Ratibisha Heru
[ view PDF ]


Dancin' on the Shoulders of Our Ancestors: An Introduction
by Aimee Glocke and Lawrence M. Jackson
[ view PDF ]


Terminology of Difference: Making the Case for Black Dance in the 21st Century and Beyond
by Takiyah Nur Amin
[ view PDF ]


The Saga of African Dance and Black Studies Departments
by Doris Green
[ view PDF ]


I Don't Want to do African.What About My Technique?': Transforming Dancing Places into Spaces in the Academy
by Raquel L. Monroe
[ view PDF ]


Theorizing Connectivities: African American Women in Concert Dance
by Thomas F. DeFrantz
[ view PDF ]


The Black Male Dancer Physique: An Object of White Desirability
by Lawrence M. Jackson
[ view PDF ]


Dancing with the Ghost of Minstrelsy: A Case Study of the Marginalization and Continued Survival of Rhythm Tap
by Donna-Marie Peters
[ view PDF ]


I Just Want to Get my Groove On: An African American Experience with Race, Racism, and the White Aesthetic in Dance
by Tracey Owens Patton
[ view PDF ]


CaribFunk Technique: Afro-Caribbean Feminism, Caribbean Dance and Popular Culture
by A'Keitha Carey
[ view PDF ]


Aesthetic Foundations & Activist Strategies of Intervention in Rickerby Hinds' Buckworld One
by Megan Anne Todd
[ view PDF ]


The Kilumi Rain Dance Ritual in Modern Kenya
by Mickie Mwanzia Koster
[ view PDF ]


Hoodoo Religion and American Dance Traditions: Rethinking the Ring Shout
by Katrina Hazzard-Donald
[ view PDF ]


From Kitchen Mechanics to 'Jubilant Spirits of Freedom': Black, Working-Class Women Dancing the Lindy Hop
by Kendra Unruh
[ view PDF ]


African Dance as Healing Modality throughout the Diaspora: The Use of Ritual and Movement to Work through Trauma
by Nicole M. Monteiro and Diana J. Wall
[ view PDF ]


When the Past Dances into the Future: An Interview with African-Centered Dance Scholar, Dr. Kariamu Welsh Asante
by Aimee Glocke
[ view PDF ]


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